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Services We Provide

During planning and prospection phase, UDRE provides

Atlas and global integration

Atlas and global integration mapping for renewable energies (Wind/PV etc)

Global strategies for wind/PV energies national development,

Global strategies for wind/PV energies national development, including hybrid systems, mini grids and micro grids for remote areas

Community and stakeholder engagement in energy projects

Community, local council and district council engagement on the project’s sites, location and land acquisition

During the development phase

Miscellaneous expert studies

Wind measurement campaign, Renewable energy production reports, Micro-sitting and concept design studies, Specific grid connection, Benchmarking for equipment, material, suppliers and contractors, Global feasibility analysis

During the financial and legal structuring phase

Allocation of projects funds to different investors on wind renewable energy projects

Financial modelling and business plans, Project structuring and time scheduling

During the construction phase

Owner of Special Projects Vehicle (SPV)

Sub contracting of Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC), Detailed studies validation, Supervise EPC, Testing and commissioning follow up and validation

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