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UDRE-Upepo Decentralized Renewable Energy

Upepo Popote Nishati Kwa Wote

UDRE is a decentralized wind energy mini grids project developer based in Tanzania. It’s an upcoming decentralized utility company offering a full range of services designed to initiate new decentralized wind energy mini grids projects and retain their ownership during the earlier stages of the development. During the operation and maintenance UDRE may sell or retain the ownership of the projects. The selling of projects varies according to the stages of the wind mini grids projects. UDRE may sell unbuilt plant (selling of pre-feasibility and feasibility studies- wind measurement data), selling of built plant (wind power plant).

UDRE works on renewable energy platforms to ensure a more sustainable and resilient future for renewable energy projects. UDRE does pre-feasibility studies, feasibility studies including preliminary wind resource studies, wind resource design studies, financial studies CAPEX and OPEX, load demand needs analysis and wind turbine selection. Coordinates and manages erection of meteorological masts, data treatment and analysis, management of construction projects and commercial management of operating wind farm.

UDRE also provides a room of services related to wind energy, solar PV, hybrid systems and consultancy services all along the lifespan of the projects.

UDRE is committed to accelerate the transition to affordable, reliable, efficient and low-carbon energy services and secure a growing investment toward a sustainable planet. Throughout the projects’ life cycle, its flexible and multidisciplinary team of experts provides support in developing projects, ensuring their reliability and success.

UDRE success is based on technical, business and commercial competence of its strong network of local and international capacity.


To be a sustainable (DRE) decentralized renewable electrical energy provider for better livelihood society.

To fight against climate change and global warming and ensure a more sustainable and resilient future, through being a pioneer in the field of wind and solar  renewable energy mini grids with less carbon emissions  to facilitate clean energy access to all human beings


To implement SDG 7, “Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all” through transitioning from conventional energy to renewable energy and energy mix


UDRE goals

1.Developing wind mini grids renewable energy projects in Tanzania, especially rural areas, with high population growth and are at high risk of experiencing a major increase in energy consumption.

2.Selling our know-how and projects concerning wind renewable energies to companies and organizations at a fair price and help them become autonomous self-producers.

3.Producing electrical energy as closely as possible to consumers as to prevent energy loss in the grid and other related risks.

4.Encouraging self-development and electrical energy independence in remote off-grid regions


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