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Upepo popote  nishati kwa wote

We develop projects to provide affordable, reliable and clean wind decentralized renewable energy mini grids solutions

UDRE  provides a room of services related to wind energy, solar PV, hybrid systems and consultancy services all along the lifespan of the projects.

Are you an owner, ESCO, DNO of solar mini grids?
Partner with us for wind turbines hybridization

Let us transition from conventional energy to wind and solar renewable energy
About Us :  A project developer specialized in wind and solar

A project developer specialized in wind and solar decentralized renewable energy for mini grids.

UDRE works on renewable energy platforms to ensure a more sustainable and resilient future for renewable energy projects. We do prospection, project site location identification  and selection,  preliminary pre-feasibility studies, and feasibility studies including preliminary wind measurement campaign, wind resource design studies, financial studies CAPEX and OPEX, financial closures, load demand need analysis, annual energy production (AEP) and wind turbine selection. We  coordinate and manage erection of meteorological masts, data treatment and analysis.

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Project phases


UDRE offers pre liminary wind studies and identify areas with wind potential for production of electricity.

Community engagement

Involvement of UDRE in the wind mini grids projects does not end only on the development phase. UDRE may maintain the ownership till the operation and maintenance phase. This is why community engagement is crucial during the development phase as the wind project expects to last from 20-25 years of operation and put the community acceptance of the project a mandate.

Wind measurement Campaign

Once potential sites are identified and secured, UDRE manages the installations of meteorelogical masts and monitoring of on-site measuring campaign, in order to collect sufficient data so that a bankable production report can subsequently be established. At the end of the measurement campaign, UDRE provides you with a complete bankable production study. Our experts work according to Measnet, German Dakks and IEC 61400 standards which guaranties our expertise and the acceptability of our studies by the financiers of projects


Project financing remains the main concern among wind energy developers in Africa, which makes the search for ways to optimize the profitability for wind farms an obligation. We work with financiers to finance decentralized wind mini grids in rural remote areas. We provide wind measurement data for financial viable projects. Potential investors are confident with our wind measurement campaign

Green Power & Energy Independence

We are here for you give you the best Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) solutions.

UDRE is committed to accelerate the transition to affordable, reliable, efficient and low-carbon energy services and secure a growing investment toward a sustainable planet. Throughout the projects’ life cycle, its flexible and multidisciplinary team of experts provides support in developing projects, ensuring their reliability and success.

Our Experience

Places that we serve


Rural areas with and without national electricity grid


Manufacturing industries to produce own wind electricity


Religious institutions producing own electricity


Schools and health centers producing own electricity


island, with or without national grid electricity connection

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